Rafael Nadal: 'Andy Murray joue à nouveau en simple signifie qu'il est en bonne santé'

By | 08/10/2019

Rafael” nadal> commented on Andy Murray’s return to the singles in Cincinnati. The Brit will open his campaign against Richard Gasquet. The Spaniard said: “Good news for the sport. Especially great news for him. That means that he’s healthy.

That’s going to be a big, big moment for him. After all the retirement that he predicted in Australia, was this year – yeah? – six months later seems like he’s back again, healthy, competing well. That’s going to be a big thing for him.

Happy.” Analyzing his slow start against Fognini, Nadal added: “I lost 6-2 with the feeling I was not playing bad. Not negative feelings on the ball, just things have been going too fast. Honestly, the beginning of the match have been difficult because I have been playing probably a little bit better than him, but then the score was against me.

I felt that I had a big chance to be 3-Love for me. Then was 3-1 for him. After that I played a bad game in the 3-1, and he played well. So the second break was decisive on the set. I just tried to play the last couple of games of the first, trying to play with the intensity that I wanted to have at the beginning of the second.

I know the beginning of the second going to be crucial. Happy about the first game that I played with my serve, very solid. He had two mistakes in a row, and I played one good point, was a break. That give me the confidence to keep going. Of course, with 3-1, have been an important point with the breakpoint that I did a good serve and volley.”