Rafael Nadal: 'Au tennis, votre équipe a parfois peur te dire des choses

By | 08/13/2019

Rafael” nadal> spoke about the importance of having a good team around a player. The 18-time Grand Slam winner said: “For me, personally, obviously, (I) have a good group of human people around me, of course, help me a lot for my education, for my preparation, like a human person growing during all these years.

The important thing is having a group of people around you that they feel free enough to tell you if you are doing the things right or not right, no? When you are changing people around you very often is difficult to find this confidence.

“Tennis has a problem that normally the player pays the coach and the physio, the team. That sometimes creates an atmosphere that the people who are around the player are a little bit more scared about saying the real things to the player, no? To build this confidence, the player needs to give them the confidence that they can tell you what is the real thing for them, not what you want to hear all the time.

In my opinion, is difficult to build that in a short period of time. If you have the same team for a long time, of course, they know that they work are not in danger if they say one thing or another thing (smiling).” Asked if the Rogers Cup should have a retractable roof on the central court, Nadal replied: “Honestly with the Grand Slams are great that they are doing this stuff because is better for the fans, is better for the tournament by itself.

Honestly, here in the Masters 1000s, okay, if you have it, better. I don’t think is something totally necessary. If you have it, better. If not, I think the tournament is good like this.” Nadal defended his Rogers Cup title by beating Daniil Medvedev in the final in straight sets 6-3, 6-0. This was the first time Nadal had defended a non-clay title.