Rafael Nadal: 'Bautista Agut peut atteindre l'ATP Finales'

By | 08/11/2019

Rafael” nadal> praised Roberto Bautista Agut’s success. The 29-year-old has beaten Novak Djokovic twice this year and also reached the Wimbledon semifinals for the first time. Nadal was happy in seeing Bautista Agut getting so much success.

“He’s a great player”, admitted Nadal. “He has been a great player for a very long time already. This year the big improvement is he made the semifinals of Wimbledon. That’s why, no? When you are in that ranking, Roberto has been in a very high position in the rankings for a very long time, the difference being top 10 or being 16 is be in the right moment in the right time (snapping fingers).

He has been there in Wimbledon, winning a couple of matches. Have been a lot of points for him. He is a very regular player, very stable player, very strong mentality. Yeah, I really believe if he stays relaxed like he is, he going to have a good chance to be in the World Tour Finals because he’s one of the most stable players on tour, I think.”

Nadal had success in both Toronto and Montreal. Is there something different about this crowd and the energy here? “Don’t put me in that position (smiling). Honestly, both are great for me. Difficult for me to say one or another, honestly. Is difficult.”