Rafael Nadal: 'Les gens nous critiquent quand nous jouons des expositions, mais…'

By | 08/12/2019

Rafael” nadal> was asked if the season should be shorter in order to give players more time to rest. The Spaniard replied: “I don’t think the seasons are too long. What is too long is the mandatory events. For me, the seasons can be longer.

Is not about this problem, no? The season is longer is better because we create more jobs. There are more players that can play tournaments. The sports are not only big when the top guys are winning a lot of money. Tournament sports are bigger when there are more people living in this sport.

My feeling is we can have more and more tournaments. That’s not the problem, no? The problem is the mandatory tournaments are until very late November. Yes, that is a problem. Mandatory tournaments, you have to face the best players in the world.

People always sometimes get criticized when we play exhibitions. Okay, is a different world. Is not the same to play an exhibition than to play an official tournament against the best players in the world. For me is about mandatory tournaments are until last week of the season.

That’s the main thing. If we were able to change that to skip — not to skip, but have the mandatory events before, then keep having tournaments, will be better for everyone, my feeling.”