Rafael Nadal: 'Roger Federer et moi n'avons pas fini, la rivalité continue'

By | 08/14/2019

Rafael” nadal> was asked to describe what makes his rivalry with Roger Federer so special. The Spaniard said: “We spoke about that one thousand times. The same time is great to be part of this rivalry, be in the middle of these three players that achieved that much in this sport in the same era.

Is something that is going to be difficult to see it again. We are not done, so… Things continue. Just have been another episode this afternoon. Of course, as I said the other day, we know that every time is fewer chances to play against each other in this high quality, high important matches.

Is another chance this afternoon. Sad for the loss because for me was another opportunity. But at the same time, I create another opportunity to be in another final of a Grand Slam. Just accept that was not my day. I played a great event.

I take this in a positive way. The same time, today is sad because for me I know chances are not forever. Last year I had chances here, I had another one, and I was not able to convert to win it one more time here.”