Rod Laver: 'Roger Federer a résisté à l'épreuve temps'

By | 08/12/2019

The Australian legend Rod Laver praised Roger” federer>. Laver, who is particularly connected to the Basel native as in 2017 the Laver Cup was introduced in Prague, said: “For me, I think Roger Federer is certainly the greatest player that has come along.

Roger plays his greatest tennis on the big occasions, on any surface. He’s stood the test of time – that’s probably the one thing that puts you in that category of the best ever. You just marvel at his tenacity.

He just seems like he’s floating all around the court – he’s not running. That’s something else”. Federer is proud to put the Laver Cup as one of his major priorities: “A lot of fun, to honour the great man, Rod Laver himself.

Having a competition named after him was something special for us as an organization. It’s not just about him, but all the great players that have led to this point that we can enjoy this tennis today.” Before playing the Laver Cup, Federer plays in Cincinnati and US Open.

On Cincinnati, he said: “The life in Mason here is just simple. Everything is organized in almost a grid-like setting which is very European unlike. We like to have our streets bendy and coffee shops all around, no corner looks sort of the same. Here it’s very different, it’s low key and easy going. I like it.”