Roger Federer a inspiré les autres joueurs à s'affronter plus longtemps Canapé

By | 08/16/2019

The former world No. 1 Lindsay Davenport believes that Roger” federer> longevity inspired the other players to keep playing as long as possible. The American said: “It’s also a little bit contagious. I think it resonates with all the players.

You’re not the only over 35-year-old player out there. When we played in the ’90s, top players were very stressed about playing their matches and getting out. Roger [Federer] changed that. I think it’s the mindset of this generation.

Because they’re able physically and because there’s some [financial] incentive there, that all kind of bought in together”. Davenport added: “Serena is scratching and clawing for 24! Every Grand Slam, it’s like we reset.

It’s awesome. What this players are playing for is so beyond are wildest dreams when we were playing”. Jim Courier concluded: “We’re the better for it as fans of the sport. We get to see players for longer, see records fall.

I thought [Pete] Sampras’s 14 [Grand Slam Singles titles] would never get touched, and along comes Federer and sprints past it. Serena’s at 23, I didn’t think anyone would get past Steffi [Graf] at 22”. Davenport added: “These players are playing for records that we never thought could get broken.”