Roger Federer: 'Au début, j'avais du mal à être père et joueur de tennis'

By | 08/10/2019

In an interview to Uniqlo Roger” federer> commented on how he managed to find a balance between being a father and a tennis player in the same time. The Swiss player, who became a father of two girls in 2009 and two sons in 2014, said: “The travelling with the children is unbelievably exciting because I never thought I’d be a tennis player and having children, because in my dream as a boy I see myself in a vision holding up the Wimbledon trophy or being the world No.

1 but I do not see it with a wife or four kids. So it’s quite interesting how all of a sudden now we live this life on the road and it’s about toys, getting organized and anticipate schooling for the girls and the boys go to the park or to the zoo, instead of going to play something else that is based on me and Mirka, my wife’s needs.

It’s all about the kids because if the kids are happy, we are happy. It’s that simple. It’s so much fun on the road, it’s a lot of organization. The first few years for us it was quite hard with the twins, the sleep as well because at one point as much as we love our kids, you have to remind yourself that you are travelling around the world to not sleep but to play a tournament.

I am starting maybe the tournament with such a disadvantage. It was quite tricky for me to understand how are we gonna handle the sleeping patterns, me and of the kids especially for their sake because we did not want them to wake up all the times, but we are also parents for the first times so all we can do is to try our very best and you love your kids dearly and maybe they are almost too much in the night time.

I am sure we have also made some mistakes but I am happy we did and we lived it at our fullest, those early years. So kids have had a major impact for the last ten years but I go back even 15 years since I have started my Foundation.”