Roger Federer: 'Concentrez-vous sur vous-même, pas sur votre adversaire'

By | 08/16/2019

Roger” federer> spoke about how his tactic is. Asked if he believes that playing the way he wants is the way, Federer replied: “The problem is I can’t think that way too often because then I start playing like I would be playing myself, and that doesn’t make any sense sometimes because they have total different strengths and weaknesses than I do.

Sometimes, sure, I don’t know, I don’t serve the body because I think that might give them the idea to serve body. I’m like, Okay, I’m going to keep serving what I’m serving. I’m not going to give the other guy any ideas.

I think that’s silly, too. You just do what you want to do. I think it’s always good to go with your own strength solely than to focus on your opponent.” Asked if he spent time in noticing how many flowers are in Wimbledon, Federer concluded: “I think I do.

I always liked the ivy more so almost. I know there’s a lot of flowers, especially that sort of first, first week, the practice week. When we wander around the grounds, we get a bigger chance to enjoy them. We see the gardeners working on them.

Afterwards it’s very much press room, locker room, arrival Millennium Building. You start to sort of not see them any more. You can see the purple and green, the flowers. It’s nice. I like flowers, so good question.”