Roger Federer espère jouer jusqu'à 40 ans

By | 08/12/2019

In an interview to DigiSport Roger” federer> was asked about the keys of his longevity at 38 years of age. The Swiss player said: “You have to be more careful, listen to your body well, understand what it just pain and what it is an injury.

The good thing is that I have been working with the same fitness coach for almost two decades now so that’s been very helpful, the consistency has been there.” The Basel native was also asked if he sees himself playing until 40, which would mean to be active on Tour at 40.

“I hope so, it’s a tough question to answer. As long as I enjoy myself and my kids are happy and my wife is okay, we are good. I need to be injury-free, I do not want to play with pain. I want my parents to be healthy as well.

If anything would change it’s okay to let it go, take a break or leave forever. My career has been great enough. I hope to play for a few more years but I do not know.” Federer loves competing in Cincinnati: “It’s peaceful, quiet and easy-going.

We have enough tournaments in big cities, so it’s a nice way for me to start the summer. You also have these great fans who come here for the game and nothing else. It reminds me of Indian Wells in that sense, so that’s one thing which is cool about this event.”