Roger Federer est le plus dur sur dur, Rafael Nadal sur terre battue – Ferrero

By | 08/09/2019

Who is the toughest to face between Roger” federer> and Rafael Nadal? The former world No. 1 Juan Carlos Ferrero replied: “Both are very tough. On clay without a doubt Rafa Nadal and on clay Roger Federer. In the future, a new rivalry will definitely come.

Before Nadal and Federer came, there were Sampras and Agassi.” On Julien Benneteau claiming Federer gets special treatment, Ferrero said: “Scheduling courts depends on TV rights and crowd capacity. It does not have anything to do with a special treatment for a player than the other.”

He switched to World Padel Tour in 2016 but he does not take it as a new job: “I play padel sometimes in order to do something different, but I keep doing much more tennis than padel. I consider it as an easier tennis doubles.

It’s a less exigent and creative sport.” On the current level of tennis, Ferrero sees a much more dynamic game than back in the day when he competed. “Before, only the top guys had this kind of game. Now players try to win the point.

The prize money increases and professional players earn more and more.” On the packed ATP Calendar, Ferrero said that players also compete in several exhibition matches which makes them tired. “It’s very difficult to change it. I think the amount of events are okay.”