Roger Federer est quelque chose d'inexplicable, dit Robin Soderling

By | 08/11/2019

The two-time Grand Slam finalist Robin Soderling praised Roger” federer>. The Swede said he would pay the ticket to watch the Swiss: ‘He is just something unexplainable. What he still is doing in tennis is just remarkable.”

Soderling commented on Rafael Nadal’s evolution over the time: “He definitely moved better a few years ago but the big great thing with Rafa, as with Roger is that they still are improving. After all the years, they still work to become better and that is a great rare thing that I adore with these guys.”

Asked what was the best moment for him in his own career, Soderling replied: “To me, the first time I went to the final of the ATP in Stockholm, I think I was 19 years old were my biggest memory. That was so big to me.

It was on my home ground and something I dreamed of as a kid to win a tournament in Sweden. But of course, there are many more memories that are unforgettable to me.” Asked if he was ever bothered by certain opponents, Soderling said: “I was always focused on winning, no matter if it was my best friend on a practice or a match against someone that I did not want to spend the vacation with.

I never had that type of mindset actually.” On the bad side of tennis, Soderling concluded: “I loved tennis but to be honest: The better I became and the higher up on the ranking I got, the more pressure came along with it and I sometimes during the last year of my career though some weeks were very tough to leave my home to travel to.”