Roger Federer et Djokovic sont comme Hamilton et Bottas, dit Hanniken

By | 08/14/2019

Mika Hanniken compared the rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottad in Formula 1 to the one featuring Roger” federer> and Novak Djokovic. The Serbian player leads the head to head meetings 26-22 after prevailing in a five-set Wimbledon final.

Hanniken said: “It was impossible for Valtteri Bottas to be able to ride better at Silverstone. Grabbing Pole at 0.006 seconds, taking the lead in the GP itself and also defending that spot with hand and tooth while Lewis Hamilton is breathing down his neck”, Hanniken wrote on his weekly column.

“Three things did not work in Valtteri’s favour: Having a two-stop strategy, an awkwardly falling safety car and a rock-solid shape of Lewis Hamilton for his home crowd. Nevertheless, Valtteri can bring more than enough positive points from England.

His race could not have been better and neither could his qualification. The moment Bottas loses his place to Lewis and then takes it back shows how much he has grown as a driver.” “The mutual respect was also clearly visible.

There is hard fighting, but it remains neat and respectful. Racing board gas, but staying professional. On Sunday, tennis fans were served Djokovic and Federer, Formula 1 fans received Bottas and Hamilton. Two men from the top of their sport.

We will certainly see more fights between the two. 39 points is the difference between Lewis and Valtteri, but with 25 points per victory, there is still enough to be gained. You can be sure that Valtteri will push just as hard as on Silverstone.”