Roger Federer: "J'ai été à moitié cassé de Wimbledon"

By | 08/13/2019

In an interview to Tennis Channel, Roger” federer> commented on how his post-Wimbledon run time has been like. The Swiss player said: “I slept in a caravan the day after my Wimbledon final. It was a tough first few steps down the ladder from the bed.

And it was a bad night’s sleep. But the kids wanted to do it so, so badly so we went. I was half broken from Wimbledon and everything. We enjoyed being at home in Switzerland. The weather was so nice as it is here right now at the moment.

We went to do hikes and sort of walked around and barbecued, so we had the best time”. Federer also commented on the reasons why he is back in the Player Council with Rafael Nadal: “I called Rafa up and thought, ‘what do you think? I would only do it with you.’ He said, ‘I’d only do it if you come too.’ That’s when we sent our proposal in about having us join the group again”, concluded the Basel native.