Roger Federer: 'Je ne fais plus de tests avec ma condition physique entraîneur'

By | 08/11/2019

Roger Federer and Pierre Paganini have been working together since”> and they have a close relationship. The Swiss player feels privileged for it. “I guess the thing for me which is maybe different than for others is that I have had the same fitness coach for so long that we don’t do any more tests or — I don’t know what.

Like how they do in soccer, preseason, and they check you out and all that stuff”, said Federer. “We just shake hands and go, Nice to see you. What’s the plan? He tells me what the situation is, what we’re gonna work on, and that’s it.

It’s all about managing the schedule, managing, you know, the energy and making sure, depending on how much longer I want to play, that we adapt my schedule to that. But in all honesty, I haven’t gone into scientific things by any stretch, you know, in my career.”

Federer also commented on the draw he brought from Nicolas Kontaxis. “That was a Mirka decision. Yeah, she was very excited. We knew the doctor. I think the father, is it, maybe of the artist? Yeah, he’s a doctor here.

We have had some sick children over the years here sometimes in Indian Wells, and we have seen him plenty, and we started talking about it. Mirka really liked his art. Yeah, sometimes we go in spells, we’re more into art and some months we are not so much into art.

It depends on how much space you have on the walls at the end of the day, too.” What does Federer think of his art? “I actually don’t remember that much of it, to be honest, you know. I have to see where we have it or if it’s been ordered and all that stuff. I have to check with Mirka back what the situation is, but I remember talking about it here last year.”