Roger Federer sait quand être idiot et quand être sérieux – Entraîneur

By | 08/15/2019

In an interview to Le Parisien, Roger” federer>’s coach Severin Luthi commented on his working relationship with the Swiss player. “It’s a privilege to coach him because he is an amazing guy. It’s true that I am trying to help him as a friend too.

At a professional level, I give him little tactical and technical advice. People think that with a guy like Rog, there is no need to say anything. But I see him all days and it’s important to remember him things”, said Luthi.

Asked if being able to tell Federer things without having fear, Luthi replied: “Yes, that’s clear. It’s important to stay myself, be able to tell things, even bad ones. And Roger gives me the opportunity to. He allows me to be the boss in certain situations, making decisions even when he could do differently.

He trusts me. That’s one of his qualities. He is also very respectful. Most of the times we are friends, but when we have something to speak about, we do it. He knows when he can be silly and when he has to be serious. Otherwise, I could not be here.”

On Federer’s wife Mirka, Luthi concluded: “I knew her even before Roger. I like spending time with their family and four kids. I am married but I do not have children. And I feel like they are mine.”