Roublev: «Je n'étais même pas censé jouer à Cincinnati. je oublié de signer '

By | 08/16/2019

Andrey” rublev> shared a funny story behind his run in Cincinnati. The Russian has now reached the quarter-finals after defeating Roger Federer, but before the event started, he went through unexpected problems. “Since the beginning, I forgot to sign for this tournament.

So basically I was not even supposed to play here. And then I signed for alternate and I got in in qualies”, said Rublev. “Yeah, I mean, the first match I get lucky that Bernard pulls out. Then the second match with Kukushkin, I was losing that match.

I lost a set and he was a little bit better than me and somehow, I don’t know, I turn this match and I win it. Then match by match I was playing better and better. But in the end, I beat, yeah, Kukushkin and Basilashvili.

Kukushkin I lost, like, three times to him or four times. Basilashvili, I lost to him two times this year. And then I beat two guys that I never beat before. And then I beat two legends, I mean, it’s amazing.” Rublev added: “I don’t even know what to say.

It’s tough to say something when you don’t even expect to play on this tournament and then everything goes completely in a different way. But I don’t know. It’s just more I try to focus on myself to just to do my best every day to focus on the things that I need to improve and most likely that’s it.”