Serena et Venus Williams ont inspiré les Noirs à jouer tennis – Tiafoe

By | 08/14/2019

Frances Tiafoe appreciates spending time with kids holding clinics with them, signing autographs and taking photos. The American player said: “I love young guys coming up to me, autographs and things like that, embracing me, screaming “Big Foe” all the time, I think it’s pretty cool.

I started playing tennis originally for my family, but I’m in a better place now. It’s all about those young guys, especially love for more black people to play tennis. That’s the goal. Obviously Serena”>and Venus (Williams) did a great job of that.

James (Blake) in his time. Obviously you need more and more faces, right? You know, that’s why I’m playing, and hopefully I can, you know, give opportunities for those guys at one point in my career.” Analyzing his match win over Gael Monfils, Tiafoe spoke about his attempts to go to the net that were not always successful: “Just not easy, especially when you get passed a couple times when you came forward off some good approaches.

Yeah, I dumped some volleys early. It was a game plan. You’ve got to stick to it. You can live and die by it. At least you know it’s the right play. Yeah, it was tough. I mean, just trying to be a little too fancy there in the beginning rather than just kind of being boring and taking care of the volley. Yeah, I was able to do that throughout the match better and better.”