Serena Williams a passé des jours à se battre pour sa vie, dit mari Ohanian

By | 08/17/2019

On a column for The New York Times, the Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian commented on his fatherhood. In September 2017 the American and Serena” williams> became parents of a daughter called Olympia and from then he decided to follow the 23-time Grand Slam winner and the little baby girl around the world.

“Nothing could have dragged me away from my wife and daughter in those hours, days and weeks — and I’m grateful that I was never forced to choose between my family and my job”, wrote Ohanian. “Serena spent days in recovery fighting for her life against pulmonary embolisms.

When we came home with our baby girl, Serena had a hole in her abdomen that needed bandage changes daily. She was on medication. She couldn’t walk”. “Spending a big chunk of time with Olympia when she was a newborn gave me confidence that I could figure this whole parenting thing out”, added Ohanian.

“As an only child with no cousins, I didn’t grow up around babies; in fact, I had never held one until my daughter was born. At first, holding her terrified me. I am a giant and she’s so tiny… What if I break her? I didn’t — which was encouraging — and then I learned how to calm her crying, rock her to sleep and handle her toddler years with grace.

Taking leave also set me off on the right foot for sharing parental responsibilities. Two years later, there is no stigma in our house about me changing diapers, feeding Olympia, doing her hair or anything else I might need to do in a pinch”.