Serena Williams: "J'aime la mode"

By | 08/08/2019

Serena” williams> spoke about what fashion means to her. The 23-time Grand Slam winner said: “Wow. I love fashion, obvi­ously. It has to connect to me, first of all. I like things that are unusual, but also a little classic.

It depends: It could be a crazy pop of color, and it’ll totally get me excited. Or it could be something fresh I haven’t seen before. Honestly, I can go in any direction. Just depends on how I feel…” On her ‘S’ apparel company, Serena added: “Everything that’s on the runway will be ready for sale for 24 hours on September 10th.

As far as the clothing, we really wanted to have fun and be confident. It’s kind of like all the aspects of my life. But not just my life, most women’s lives. We have a job, or we have somewhere to go for an event, or we have something more serious that we wanted to dress down for, or we might want to go out with our friends and relax, or we may just be walking around the house as a mom.

So when we were designing the collection, we wanted to speak to every aspect of that woman… We want to be inclusive. We have an extended size, and we call it great because I don’t like the word “plus”. So we call it S Great because every woman is great. Hopefully the word “great” will catch on and people will get rid of the word “plus”.