Serena Williams: 'Olympia aime les aquariums, nous avons eu beaucoup expérience'

By | 08/09/2019

Serena” williams> visited the Ripley’s Aquarium with her family in Toronto some days ago. The American player spoke about her experience: “The aquarium was fun. Olympia loves aquariums,” Serena said. On why she features on the Essence Magazine cover, the former world No.

1 added: “The Essence Magazine cover was incredibly enjoyable, mostly because of the face paint and learning about different tribes in Africa and learning about what he was painting on my face meant. And I really got emotional at one point because, being African-American, I don’t really know my roots.

So it was really cool to meet someone, and he’s from Nigeria, and to just have him say how much I mean in Africa. And I know how much Africa means to me. And then to have the art of people and tribes that are my history just was, like, really amazing.

And so it was really — yeah, it was just really amazing. It was a great thing.”

Today Rogers Cup did a pride day encouraging inclusivity, not only for fans but also within the sport itself: “I think this is the first time that I’ve seen something being done, so I can’t say that I have seen much more.

You know, I can’t — yeah, it’s a really good question. This is the first time I’ve actually seen it, so… I think it’s interesting, you know, for the tournament, in particular, to be all-inclusive. And I always preach just love. And I think if we just have love amongst each other, then we can just do a lot better.”