Sloane Stephens: Les médias sociaux, c'est ma vie professionnelle

By | 08/14/2019

Sloane” stephens> is very active when it comes to managing her social media channels. The American player said: “I just blocked somebody this morning. People are people, and everyone’s human and the human side of this sport means that people can be attacked.

People can say whatever they want with no accountability. That’s pretty tough, but the reality of it is that you can be doing really bad, and people can say really mean things to you and you’re supposed to just carry on.

“At some point, when things get good, those same people will tell you that you’re the best. Social media is almost like its own job, in how you have to keep up appearances, make sure people see you, and when you play a sport, it’s about helping people keep up with your life so that they feel connected.

That’s more of the job part of it. My social media isn’t my real life; it’s more my work life because it’s a lot of tennis photos, or when I’m going to work or a photo shoot. When it’s not so personal, you can separate yourself from it because people do say some things and you’ll think, ‘Damn, that was…’ But you just have to brush it off, because it’s no big deal.”