Svitolina: 'Il y a des bons et des mauvais côtés dans les relations avec Monfils '

By | 08/13/2019

Speaking to reporters in Cincinnati, Elina” svitolina> commented on her love story with Gael Monfils. They have been dating each other for many months now and Svitolina gets asked a lot of questions about this topic. “I won’t say it makes life complicated, but there are some good things and bad things”, said Svitolina.

“Most of the time, we’re playing big tournaments together, so he’s here supporting me. He knows tennis, supports me, and even through injuries, he’s there for me and knows the situation I’m in. It might not be great that we’re always in tennis mode, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

You have to manage the same way as you would if you were with someone who wasn’t as involved in tennis. For other people, that might be a good thing because it might help take their minds off tennis and the pressure. But it depends on you and what you want.”

On her combined Instagram account with Monfils, Svitolina added: “There are fewer people who leave negative comments when we lose. That’s what we’ve noticed, and that’s maybe why we spend a little more time there!

There’s not a big difference. We get lots of support; it’s so nice. We didn’t expect that much support from just doing the GEMS account. We have people who take care of our social media, but you can’t escape negative comments because it’s obvious that it’s there.

Social media is about sharing with people who don’t have a chance to go to the tournaments or get to know the professional tennis players.”