Svitolina révèle pourquoi elle a combiné un compte Instagram avec Gael Monfils

By | 08/12/2019

Some weeks ago Elina Svitolina had a JetSetter shoot with her boyfriend Gael” monfils>. The Ukrainian player spoke about the experience they had. “It was quite fun, I think. It was something different that we did together, and that’s why it was, I think, fun.

Gaël was not so pumped because it was very early in the day, because this day we had to fly to Odessa. So, you know, I was very — yeah, I was a bit worried that he’s not going to do it because it was, like, at 8:00 in the morning.

But in the end, you know, he slept most of the shoot, and then we took him for like 10, 15 minutes. And the photos look good, though. He’s not so sleepy there.” Asked if her French improved since she has been dating Gaël, Svitolina added: “Yeah, definitely it’s improved because sometimes he’s talking only in French to me.

And, yeah, it’s like we have some French lesson almost every evening. So it’s improving. And I’ve been learning for a long time, and I’m more comfortable now to talk. So probably I have to say thank you to him. On why they share a combined Instagram account, Svitolina concluded: “It was his idea to do this, and I think it’s going good so far.

We are just chattering with people. And there are lots of things going on when we are playing in the tournaments and, you know, like with this photoshoot, or some activity that we do together as we did for Wilson, like some stuff going on.

So I think it’s nice to share, nice to — yeah, to just share our life. And now, these days, social media is such a big thing, and there’s lots of stuff going on. And I think can be fun that people see what goes behind the scenes.”