Tomas Berdych: 'Je n'oublierai jamais ma victoire contre Roger Federer à Jeux olympiques de 2004

By | 12/01/2019

In an interview with Czech media, Tomas Berdych reflected on how his retirement from tennis will change his lifestyle. He said: “I no longer plan to train. I do not have the right feeling inside myself. I do no longer feel the need to compete.

I had no more goals. I am looking forward to new things.” On how it feels to wake up and even not have to do anything, Berdych added: “It’s an enormous advantage. From one side you can also appreciate your entire career.

I had a plan for the first minute I woke up. When to eat, when to rest, when to train. Now I can just do things I like even if I want to still take care of my body, I had to do it for my entire career and just relaxing now would not be nice.

I will not start eating a hamburger. I sacrificed everything for tennis and I had no time for other things.” A match he will not forget: “Probably my win over Roger” federer> at 2004 Athens Olympic Games. That’s where my career started so I take it.”

Berdych also defeated Federer in the quarter-final of the 2010 Wimbledon, before reaching the final. It was his first and only Major final. The loss he regrets the most: “Probably the 2012 US Open semifinals against Andy Murray.

It was windy, the opportunity was so big. I had played great beating Federer in the quarters when he was the world number one.”