Tout le monde en 2005 savait que Nadal serait très bon – Premier Roland Garros adversaire

By | 08/15/2019

In an interview to USA Today, Lars Burgsmuller recalled his match against Rafael” nadal> back in the 2005 French Open. Nadal had already defeated a former world No. 1 like Carlos Moya or the former world No. 2 Albert Costa. Burgsmuller said: “I remember that I was a little sad about the draw.

I knew that he was going to be a tough player for me. Everyone was talking about him. He had good form. He was on the way up. Everyone knew that he would be very, very good. I told myself that year, ‘No shame that I lost the to French Open winner’

Then, years after, I realized that he didn’t lose a match for the next five year.” Toni Nadal added: “We wanted to win. If you ask me before the beginning of the tournament (that year), ‘Do you want (Rafael) to make the final?’ No.

I wanted him to win. I believed that. Rafael was the best player on clay in that moment.” Leif Shiras concluded: “When a kid comes up the ranks, there’s always a few whispers and then suddenly names are on everyone’s lips.

Nadal, at that time, was there. It’s sort of one of those phenomenal moments, when those whispers are realized. That happened against Federer. It made us realize what a warrior this guy was..”