Trouvez les bonnes personnes, raconte l'entraîneur de Serena Williams aux plus jeunes joueurs

By | 08/09/2019

In an interview, Serena” williams>’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou was asked what advice he would give a younger player who dreams of starting a successful career. The Frenchman said: “For a tennis player, my advice would be to find the right people.

There are way too many changes in the player’s environment and I think it is not the right way to build something strong and durably successful. For tennis coaches, I would advise being as open as possible to learn from everyone.

Even from your player. He/she has so much to teach him/her about him/her.” “I love that game so much that I constantly share with coaches, players and also through my commentaries or the articles/blogs that I write”, added Mouratoglou.

“Life is about passion and passion needs to be shared.” “My approach is to build the confidence of my athletes when we get closer to the competition. The practise sessions have to be tough in order for them to know and feel how strong, solid, intense they can possibly be.

They have to have convictions about their game, their strokes. Doubts are enemies and we are fighting them by bringing certainty. I think that the pre-match talk is also a decisive moment. That is the moment when you mentally prepare your player, you elaborate the winning strategy. At the end of it, your player knows exactly how he/she will win the match.