Tsitsipas: 'Mon revers à une main inspire aussi Roger Federer '

By | 08/10/2019

In an interview to Globo Esporte, Stefanos Tsitsipas commented on the similarities between him and Roger” federer>. The Greek said: “Several people are comparing my game with Guga Kuerten’s, I do not know why. Maybe my hair or gamestyle.

I saw Guga playing a bit, not a lot. Honestly, I do not remember a lot about him on tour because he was probably retiring. I remember he was playing against Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Mark Philippoussis, those guys. I admire Kuerten because he was the king of clay before Nadal.

He had a great backhand, that’s true. He was a great player. I think I spoke to him once, I do not remember what it was about, but he looks like a nice guy. There are some similarities in our game, yeah.” “I grew up seeing Federer play, he is my biggest idol”, continued Tsitsipas.

“My father had the idea of making me play the one-handed backhand but I was also inspired by Federer. It’s very exciting to see Federer playing in the same era as me. It’s the best thing, Federer speaking to me and training with me.

That’s very special.” Tsitsipas would love to win an Olympic gold medal: “I would like to keep traditions and win another gold medal for my family.” Kuerten concluded: “I do not know too much about Tsitsipas but he is aggressive, takes the ball early and he is similar to me on court.”