Wozniacki: 'J'aimerais être sur la moitié différente de celle Serena Williams'

By | 08/09/2019

Caroline Wozniacki was asked what she learned from spending time with Serena” williams> on the tennis court. “I have learned that I would like to be on the other side of the draw (smiling). But, no, you know, it’s always fun to play someone who is the best ever to play the game.

You learn a lot every time. And, you know, we’ve played against each other quite a lot. And obviously, she always pushes you to play your best tennis. And you have to serve and you have to return well to have a chance, and then you just have to keep your head down and keep playing.

You know, I think she’s an awesome role model for the next generation as well. And she’s been playing for such a long time. And I remember when I was young, a long time ago, you know, watching her on TV. And the fact that she’s still here, still playing, her and Venus, I think is very impressive and something that I can only take my hat off for.”

On what she did after Wimbledon, Wozniacki added: “I took some time off. I felt like I needed a break, more mental than anything else. Travelled a little bit in Europe. Went to Italy and hung out there a little bit, spent my birthday.

And then went to our friend’s wedding, which was nice, and then went back home to Monaco and chilled for a few more days. Had a couple of shoots, and then got myself together and to the gym, and then started hitting some balls on the court and started focusing on these tournaments here. So that’s kind of what I’ve been up to. Kind of low key but nice to be in one spot for a while.”